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Suasti’s passion with photography started fifteen years ago when she discovered photography and the dark room. She signed up for adult college classes at night while still completing high school during the day. Spending all her savings she purchased her first film camera and started to explore and develop her skills.

By teaching herself and through completing numerous courses, the joy she found with this art form flourished over the years.

Starting first in New York City she now calls Singapore home. She is a portrait and lifestyle photographer who is able to capture the joy and interaction between people and the spirit of a person effortlessly. Suasti aims to create a timeless images which you will be proud to hang on your wall.

Suasti is also a sought after commercial campaign photographer most recently working on the Dove Camera Confidence campaign. Her ease with people and her appreciation of natural beauty helps people, especially women, to be confident in front of the camera. Being camera confident helps people not to shy away from being photographed but to celebrate all the great moments in life.

Suasti has also worked with Sephora, Dove, NBC Universal as well as Yahoo!, Bausch & Lomb and Cosmpolitan. You can see her commercial portfolio for the expanse of her work. Suasti holds a degree in commerce with a focus on marketing and her deep understanding of business helps to create campaigns for her clients that truly resonate.

Hi, thank you for visiting my site. Besides the fact that I love photography I thought I’d share a few little things about me. It’s not much of a secret that I love coffee. When my machine is on the blink I travel all over the island looking for a good cup. Espresso is my pick.

 I am known to be slightly clutzy. If you do see me trip over, don’t worry, I am very good at the recovery stumble. I’d say I have nearly mastered it actually.

 I also LOVE comfortable shoes. If lost in a shoe department you can find me in the Grandma section hooting it up with all the older ladies who are in the know.

 I truly think chocolate is one of life’s necessities and it makes me so happy. It’s the simple things in life that I get the most out of, experiences rather than things. Oh, another treat I love is caramel popcorn – home made. I use this really dark sugar to make the caramel and the stickiness of it all is just so satisfying …

 Exercise and me on the other hand are not the very best of friends but seeing as chocolate and caramel are, exercise and I have reluctantly got to know each other. One of my favourite lenses is a very heavy 70-200mm zoom so I need to pump some iron in order to shoot with her all day.

 I am also proudly on the team for The Honeycombers, check them out, the best place to find anything awesome in Singapore.

 Drop me an email if you would like a shoot. I am all about the experience being as fun and as memorable as the pictures we get, I promise it will easy and enjoyable.


P.S You can check out  a little video about me by Bausch & Lomb who’s Singapore campaign I photopgrahed.  You can click here to view it.

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